Foot & Toe Protection

Foot & Toe Protection
The Foot & Toe Protection range at features a range of high-quality products to protect against and aid the recovery of blisters, calluses, corns and bunions which are formed by tight fitting shoes and footwear that rubs. As well as providing a barrier between the shoe and foot to prevent injury, foot and toe protection make existing blisters and skin damage of the foot and toe more bearable.

Foot & Toe Protectors

Featuring a clear gel, ultra-slim and discreet design, these durable Ball of Foot Gel Cushions help reduce the burning pain in the ball of your feet and provide excellent cushioning during everyday activities. The gel cushions are especially handy for women wearing high heels, as this footwear can increase the pressure on the ball of the foot, which can cause a burning sensation, pain or discomfort. Check out the PhysioProductsKenya Ultra Slim Invisible Ball of Foot Gel Cushions by clicking here!

Our next featured toe protectors have been traditionally shaped to fit snugly onto toes or fingers, thus reducing friction and relieving pressure. Covered in a specially formulated medical gel, these toe caps will provide soothing pain-relief while the enriched polymer will soften and lubricate the skin. Manufactured from a vented transparent and flexible material, the Gelex caps can be worn to discreetly protect the toes, even when wearing open-toed footwear. To learn more about the Gelex All Gel Toe Cap click here!

One of our favourite foot protectors is a heel pad that combines a 100% Gel and Poron cover to provide optimum comfort and support for those who experience regular heel pain. It’s simply placed into the shoe around the section of the heel and can be used during daily activity or exercise. Check out the Sorbo RX Blue Heel Pad by clicking here!

Another popular product in our range of foot protectors is a Metatarsal Pad that incorporates a flexible easy fit toe loop to securely fix the gel cushion in position. Designed to absorb the pressures and forces from regular every day activities, the pad provides a comfortable solution for painful foot conditions. Gradually releasing nutrient rich mineral oil the medically approved lubricant will penetrate the skin, thus reducing soreness and discomfort by softening the skin in this area. Click here to learn more about the Gelex Metatarsal Pad with Loop!

Another in our range of toe protectors have been specifically designed to surround and cushion the toe to alleviate the pain caused by corns and blisters. Made from high-grade soft silicon, these toe protectors will stretch to fit any size toe. Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Performance Toe Cap Protectors!

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