Heel Pads & Cushions

Heel Pads & Cushions
Good posture starts with your feet, and heel pads or cushions can help you alleviate heel pain whilst out and about. PhysioProductsKenya has a great range of supports, from pro heel cups to gel cushion straps to ensure that you’re protected against further pain that injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs can cause. Heel cushions can also help with by providing additional comfort to anyone’s footwear!

Injuries to the foot can be debilitating and soon cause pain and misery in everyday life. Wearing a support or heel cushion can help alleviate pain whilst structures recover from injury and become stronger through a rehabilitation plan.

Gel heel pads and more at PhysioProductsKenya.com

The dedicated team at PhysioProductsKenya appreciate how frustrating it can be when footwear causes pain to injuries in your heel and the surrounding areas. This is why we offer our customers a range of heel pads and cushions to help combat heel injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis.

The Aircast Plantar Fasciitis AirHeel is our best-selling heel support thanks to its comfortable, lightweight design and its effective pain relief against Plantar Fasciitis. To learn more about this fantastic product, check out the Aircast Plantar Fasciitis AirHeel today.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a discreet and durable ball of foot gel cushion to help reduce pain in the ball of your foot and provide comfort and shock absorption, then look no further then the PhysioProductsKenya Ultra Slim Invisible Ball of Foot Gel Cushiuons, High Heel – Party Feet – Pair. Extremely useful if you walk a lot each day or have a job involving a lot of standing which can take its toll on your feet.

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If you are unable to find the foot care product that you require within this section, then don’t worry, the PhysioProductsKenya team have you covered.

To find the foot care product that you need, check out our entire foot care section now. Feel free to ask our online team of experts if you have any questions or need advice in choosing the right product for you.

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