Ice Bags

Ice Bags
Our fabric ice bags are the classic method of applying cold therapy. Ice cubes or crushed ice are placed inside the bag and the fabric is moistened with cold water. The ice bag can then be applied as a cold compress for the treatment of sprains, strains and bruises. Ice therapy using ice packs and bags is an established treatment during the early stages of injury to relieve pain, reduce swelling and speed up rehabilitation.

Ice Bags for Sporting Injuries

Our most popular Ice Bag is a handy injury aid that is small enough to fit into any gym bag or first aid kit. Ideal for on-site injuries and direct response, the ice bag allows the user to treat acute or chronic pain and help reduce pain and swelling during the early stages of injury. It is directly filled with either ice cubes, crushed ice or ice water and is applied directly onto the injured area to reduce pain and swelling. The fabric bag is reusable and moulds to the skin allowing it to be used on most body parts including; the shoulder, elbow, hip, lower back, thigh, knee, calf and ankle. Learn more about PhysioProducts-Kenya First Aid Ice Bag by clicking here!

We also have an ice bag and wrap combo that is soft and adjustable to ensure total comfort. The ice bag wraparound is ideal for applying cold therapy to small or large body parts to help reduce pain and swelling following a sports injury. It features long straps that provide a custom fit, combined with firm, comfortable compression to help relieve swelling and bruising. It is easily adjustable, enabling you to effectively treat a variety of locations on your body such as around your back or shoulder to help relieve pain and reduce swelling. To view the Mueller Ice Bag & Wrap, click here!

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