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Advanced Memory Foam Travel Pillow Black

Travelling on long distances journeys can create discomfort for the neck and shoulders, especially if you are sitting in small, cramped seats that do not offer the right level of support. Our Advanced Memory Foam Travel Pillow in Black is designed to alleviate those issues to ensure you feel as relaxed as possible while on a plane or in a car for long periods of time.

The pillow is able to adjust to the changing temperature and posture of the body as you move in your seat. In doing so it helps to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing the muscles in these areas to fully relax. That leads to a far more comfortable experience when seated and should allow you to get much needed sleep on long-haul journeys.

This Advanced Memory Foam Travel Pillow in Black also helps to promote spinal alignment and because it manages to retain its shape, as a result you will endure less tossing and turning when sleeping at night. And to ensure you get full value for money the pillow can also be machine washed thanks to its removable knitted cover.

Just as importantly, the Advanced Memory Foam Travel Pillow in Black features a smooth surface and remains breathable to fend off the development of bacteria and mites in the material. And for added convenience there is also a section designed to hold your smartphone, so it remains close to hand as you listen to music or want to browse the internet.


  • Pillow adjusts to changing postures and temperatures
  • Designed to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Helps to promote proper spinal alignment
  • Knitted cover can be removed and machine washed
  • Features section for smartphone while being worn


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