Resistance Bands, Loops & Tubes

Resistance bands, tubes and loops are excellent products for use in the rehabilitation of sports injuries.
An array of home exercises can be completed using resistance bands. Chartered physiotherapists also use them to help speed up the recovery from sports injuries. Exercise bands can also be used in resistance band workouts. These provide resistance for use in muscle strengthening and strength training.

At Physio products kenya we have a wide range of resistance bands. Shop from long resistance bands, short training bands, elastic bands and fabric resistance bands. All our bands come at differing levels of resistance.

Resistance Bands, Loops & Tubes

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Exercise Tubing


Resistance Band Exercise Tube

Mini Loop Bands Set


Resistance Band Exercise Loop

Fabric Resistance Bands

  • Give the right amount of resistance to activate your glutes
  • Help you build a perfect hourglass figure
  • Offer optimal comfort throughout workouts
  • Are wide enough to prevent rolling and sliding
  • Boost your metabolic rate, accelerating weight loss
  • Make for a splendid gift for any fitness enthusiast

Resistance Loop Power Band

  • Additional Resistance
  • Additional Assistance in pull-ups to improve strength

Resistance/ Therabands


Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries, strengthen joints, improve functional living and enhance athletic performance. Color-coded progressive resistance gives an at-a-glance indication of progress from one level to the next.

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