Thumb & Wrist Supports

Thumb & Wrist Supports
Thumb and wrist supports can be extremely useful in the treatment of sports injuries, accidental injuries and workplace demands which affect these areas of the body.

Common conditions that thumb and wrists supports can help include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, repetitive strain injury, broken wrist, fractured Scaphoid, Colles fracture, sprained wrist, fractured Radius and a fractured Ulna. Repetitive movements of the wrist and fingers can lead to overuse injuries such as tendonitis so supports can also help prevent this method of overloading.

Effectively ease pain in your thumb or wrist

You heavily rely on your thumb and wrist not just to take part in sporting activity, but also to complete everyday tasks. Therefore, if you have damaged this part of your body, it can have a massive inconvenience on your life, lifting a kettle, writing or using cutlery can all be impacted.

At PhysioProducts Kenya we have multiple products that can ease the discomfort that you experience in your wrist and also protect you from suffering further injuries, such as one of our wrist straps, splints and supports.

Alternatively if you are seeking a product to support you during rehabilitation for your thumb injury, then you need to check out our range of thumb splints and supports.

On top of this, PhysioProducts Kenya also offer a selection of wrist supports that are ideal for preventing wrist injuries that potentially occur in sports such as tennis, golf and squash. Provide your wrist with effective support you need by checking out our sports supports now.

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