Elastic Adhesive Bandages

Elastic Adhesive Bandages
The Elastic Adhesive bandage (EAB) is a lightweight strapping bandage that can be used for ankle taping, knee taping, hand taping and wrist taping. It is frequently used by sports physios in the prevention and treatment of sprained ankles. The high quality of these bandages ensure that they unroll smoothly and conform to the body easily. Because they have a small amount of give due to their elastic nature, they provide superb support for joint sprains but are also super comfortable.

Elastic Adhesive Bandages for Sport

Our first featured Elastic Adhesive Bandage adheres securely to the skin, or can be used on top of pre tape underwrap. Thanks to its high quality, it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is being taped. This makes the Elastic Adhesive Bandage ideal for finishing tape jobs to protect ankles, knees and wrists, as well as giving excellent support to joint sprains and sports injuries. The slightly elastic properties of the fabric mean that it ‘gives’ a little during activity, making it ultra-comfortable. Check out the Physioproductskenya Advanced Elastic Adhesive Bandage by clicking here!

Next up is a finger tape that is manufactured to provide brilliant support for sprains and injuries to the hands or fingers. Also referred to as elastic adhesive bandages, they can be easily applied to existing tape jobs on the fingers or hands, or they can be applied directly to the skin to provide support on the injuries. This finger tape is excellent value for money, lightweight and offers maximum strength in support while also keeping the area dry and as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the Physioproductskenya Finger Tape for Hand Sprains and Injuries, click here!

Finally we have some of the highest quality, hand ‘tearable’ lightweight elastic adhesive tape on the market. The lightweight properties make this tape ideal in situations where the wearer doesn’t want a bulky strapping. It is commonly used by professional soccer players to tape their ankles as it doesn’t interfere with their game and allows them to still wear a soccer boot. Because it has elastic properties, it is also ideal for use as a compression wrap. If the injured part swells, then the wrap ‘gives’ due to its elastic nature. Click here to learn more about the Mueller 5cm x 7m Tear-Light Elastic Adhesive Tape!

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Elastic Adhesive Bandages

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Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage


Tensoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage – Support to Ankle, Knee, Wrist, and Shoulder

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