Wobble Boards and Cushions

Wobble Boards and Cushions
Wobble boards, wobble cushions, rocker boards and tilt boards are frequently used by physiotherapists in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries such as a sprained ankle and following knee surgery and ankle surgery. The main uses of these products are to improve flexibility, concentration, balance and overall awareness (also known as proprioception).

Proprioception is the body’s ability to know where a joint is positioned without having to look at it. Proprioception is important for ankle and knee injury prevention because it improves the ability of the neuromuscular system to make fine alterations to movements during sports that can prevent a twisted ankle or twisted knee. Physiotherapy exercises always incorporate proprioception exercises, especially during sprained ankle or knee ligament injury rehabilitation.

Balance Wobble Boards allow balance and proprioception improvement because they force the user to make continual adjustments in order to keep the board steady. A balance/wobble board is a disc with a rounded bottom that provides a challenging surface to balance on. These boards can also be used to help increase ankle range of motion following a sprained ankle injury. Take a look at our Wobble Boards now!

Whereas if you need a product that can also aid flexibility and balance for ankle injuries, or be used as a seating aid for children to improve concentration and prevent fidgeting, then take a look at our selection of Wobble Cushions today.

Can’t find the product that you need to help you combat your injury issue? Don’t worry, because at PhysioProduct we have an abundance of additional Supports & Braces for you to choose from.

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