Neck Supports & Braces

Neck supports can be effectively used during the treatment of neck pain and additional related conditions. Neck braces and soft collars are designed to both provide support and help carry the weight of the head; which subsequently relieves strain on the neck muscles. A soft collar can also be helpful in limiting painful movements following neck injuries such as whiplash, and provide peace of mind until pain and discomfort eases.

Supports and braces that are perfect for reducing neck pain

In the majority of cases, neck injuries occur when the head moves quickly in relation to the rest of the body. Posture that involves excessive looking down, either at a computer, a phone screen or in occupations such as hairdressing can also cause neck pain by overstretching the muscles and ligaments needed to support the weight of the head. Sustained posture or sudden movement can cause muscles and ligaments at the back of the neck to stretch, which will consequently result in pain and stiffness within the area.

However, if you have experienced a neck injury and are looking for an effective form of relief, then don’t worry, because Physio Products Kenya have your back. We have a range of products that can help you with your neck related injuries, such as our collection of high quality neck collars.

On top of this, our pillows and mattresses are also ideal for treating stiff necks and the associated back pains that accompany a neck injury. Overnight the neck can become stiff, especially after injury so, speed up your recovery by checking out our pillows and mattresses now.

Can’t find the brace or support that you need?

If you can’t find the product to relieve your injury pain within this section, then fear not because at Physio Products Kenya we have a vast collection of further supports and braces for you to select from.

To find your ideal support or brace today, head to our dedicated supports and braces section, or ask our online customer service staff if you require any advice.

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