If you’re looking for more joint and muscle support and don’t want to go as far as a brace, our range of tapes could be the perfect solution. Sports physiotherapists regularly use tape in strapping and taping techniques on professional and recreational athletes in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Tape can be used to provide support to the ankle joint, knee joint, elbow joint and wrist joint.

Sports Physio Tape @ Physioproductskenya.com

Our first featured Tape adheres securely to skin or can be used on top of pre tape underwrap. Owing to high quality manufacture, it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is being taped, making it ideal for finishing tape jobs to protect ankles, knees and wrists, as well as giving excellent support to joint sprains and sports injuries. The slightly elastic properties of the fabric mean that it ‘gives’ a little during activity, making it ultra-comfortable. Check out the Physioproductskenya Advanced Elastic Adhesive Bandage by clicking here!

Next up Physioproductskenya.com introduces the fantastic Union Jack themed Kinesiology Tape. This ultra-thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape provides support and compression for sports injuries, muscular tension and joint distortions. It can be used to support the muscles during sporting activity, to address muscular tension and to activate the endogenous analgesic system. Designed to mirror the profile and elasticity of your skin, it will support your muscles and joints during everyday sports and leisure activities.To learn more about the Physioproductskenya Union Jack GB Kinesiology Tape click here!

Finally we have some foam underwrap that is ideal for sensitive skin and can be applied before a tape job to prevent chafing. It can also be used to keep football shin guards and ice packs in place. This foam underwrap’s high quality manufacture means it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to the body part that is about to be taped. The thin lightweight foam provides a barrier between the skin and the tape, in order to protect the skin from friction and chafing. Click here to learn more about the Mueller Natural M-Wrap Foam Soft Underwrap Sports Tape!

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What is zinc oxide tape used for?

Zinc Oxide tape is widely used for strapping injured joints such as; knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows and fingers following injuries. Zinc Oxide tape is strong and cohesive, meaning it doesn’t stretch too much with movement and can offer strong support to injured body parts or help to prevent injuries occurring, especially during sporting activities. Tape can be applied to help reduce pain and restore normal movements until the injured body part is strong enough to do the job naturally. Using tape to support an injured body part can also provide enhanced confidence when returning to activities after injury. By providing some external support, more normal movement is likely to be produced.

Is zinc oxide tape waterproof?

Zinc Oxide tape is usually water resistant and therefore able to withstand a couple of showers, baths or swimming activities. The high-water repellent properties of Zinc Oxide tape mean that it often lasts for extended wear after application compared to other tapes.

Zinc Oxide tape is not fully waterproof, in order to allow the skin to breathe and wick away moisture, therefore it is a good idea after a shower or bath, to pat the tape dry to rid of any moisture and help maintain the contact between tape and skin.

What is Leukoplast tape used for?

Leukoplast tape is a tan-coloured zinc oxide tape with a high tensile strength that is both waterproof and dirt repellent, which means it is extremely durable in wet and demanding environments. The tape can be torn easily by hand and is ideal for securing dressings or medical equipment such as tubes or catheters. Leukoplast tape can include a broad range of products used for treatment of cuts, abrasions, lacerations, burns, infected wounds as well as securing bandages to the skin.

Does kinesiology tape really work?

Kinesiology tape can be beneficial in supporting injured muscles or joints to reduce pain caused by overuse or repetitive movements. KT tape is designed to be elastic and allow a degree of flexibility which can help to offload painful structures and allow healing after an injury. Other benefits associated with KT tape include; reduced swelling, pain relief and improved proprioceptive awareness.

KT tape can be applied in a “criss-cross” fashion to help provide a compression technique and improve drainage of swelling and metabolites away from the injury site. Postural benefits have also been found by applying KT tape to help re-educate muscles and joints, so that imbalances can be addressed, and the body allowed to adopt a better position to protect against re-injury. The long-term solution is to address the root cause of the injury and strengthen muscular and movement imbalances. The application of KT tape such as Neotape or Advanced Kinematics products can initiate this process and help to ensure the body can start supporting itself naturally.


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