Air Ripple Mattress Tubular


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  • RELIEVE JOINT PAIN AND REDUCE BED SORES – Our Air alternating pressure pad mattress can help relieve painful discomfort by improving circulation, which can reduce bed sores, general aches and pains, and skin ulcers.
  • 130 INDIVIDUAL AIR POCKETS – Designed to inflate and deflate like a gentle wave our bed sore cushion uses exclusive technology and ultra-quiet pump to continuously adjust air pressure between each chamber to relieve direct pressure against the skin.
  • AUTO ADJUSTING PRESSURE LEVELS – A smart, customizable bed sores treatment for bedridden patients or those on hospice care our pressure mattress for bed sores supports the back, back, shoulders, and body more effectively (up to 300 lbs.).
  • OPTIMIZED 12 MINUTE CYCLE TIME (tested for a 300 lb person) – The deflated cells will refill to the original firmness, while every-other-cell from that point deflates slightly.

Bed sores or pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers are lesions caused by many factors such as unrelieved pressure, friction, humidity, shearing forces, temperature, age, continence, and medication-to any part of the body.

This condition is very common to bed ridden patients. The use of ripple mattress is very helpful for such individuals, the mattress allows sufficient flow of blood to all the tissues by reducing the pressure on blood vessels, consequently further occurrence of sores is prevented and bed sores heal faster.

Our air mattress offers added comfort and support for bedridden patients. The mattress comes with 130 individual air bubbles that allow air to pass through the surface and ventilate the patient’s back for complete care or prevention of bedsores. It relieves the pain of sores and pressure ulcers by maintaining alternating pressure.

Ortho-Aid ripple mattress advance features include alternate inflation and deflation of cells which constantly change pressure points and helps in proper flow of blood and prevents sores. Led on/off switch & rotary dial for pressure setting.

Waterproof, antibacterial and fire resistant mattress offers maximum benefits. Made with quality medical grade PVC material, the assembly of the mattress is leak proof. It ensures maximum comfort as its bubble pad surface allows more space and air ventilation.

The energy efficient pump is designed for easy, vibration-free and fast one-click inflation. It can be placed easily with the patients’ bed through integrated hangers. These are suitable for hanging with all kind of bed frames.

The mattress fits well to all standard size beds. It can be placed over the top of an existing mattress and an ideal choice for use in the home, health care or nursing home.

Fixed hook and air filter is provided on the bottom of the pump. Alternating pressure provides comfort and relief to the skin. Mattress can be fixed on bed by extra flaps on both, top and bottom side. Individually packed kit consists of mattress and pump.

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