What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that uses exercise and massage techniques to improve posture, strength, flexibility and balance. It is usually implemented during injury rehabilitation or to help prevent pain and improve mobility.

What are physiotherapy aids?

Physiotherapy aids are used to massage or exercise different areas of the body during physiotherapy treatment. There are a range of aids which each helps different areas of the body to regain or increase strength and mobility.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy aids?

With physio aids, physiotherapy exercises can be done independently, whether this is at home, the gym or outdoors.

Physiotherapy aids can help relieve pain in various areas of the body and can therefore help with recovery and pain relief from different conditions.

What physiotherapy aids do you offer?

Posture and cushion aids – posture and cushion aids include wedges, pillows and rolls that all provide postural support and comfort when seated or lying down.

Mats – we offer a number of different mats that provide a padded non-slip surface where you can perform both physiotherapy and general exercise.

Balls and rolls – carrying out exercises and physio on inflatable gym balls and rolls can help to improve balance and strength in different areas of the body. They are available in different sizes and styles.

Weights and hand therapy – from dumbbells to strap-on weights, there are physio weights available in multiple sizes to help build up strength and tone your muscles. Hand therapy aids help to build strength in your hands, fingers and wrists in order to improve grip and hand movement.

Resistance bands – resistance bands are supplied in a range of colours and resistances. They are ideal for a variety of exercises to help strengthen and tone your muscles.

Balance aids – balance aids include cushions and balancing boards that can help test and improve your stability and encourage better seated positions. There are different balance aids available for children and adults.

What should I consider when choosing a physiotherapy aid?

Size, weight and resistance – it is important to consider the different sizes, weights and resistance levels of different physio aids to ensure you choose equipment that is suitable for your own level of mobility. It is also a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new exercise routine or using new equipment, especially if you are recovering from an injury or living with a health condition.

Style – choosing the right style of physiotherapy aid will depend on multiple factors, including which area of the body you want to focus on and whether you are looking to improve your strength, balance, flexibility or all three.

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