Back Supports & Braces

Back Supports & Braces
Our selection of back supports and braces can be used for back pain caused by conditions such as Sciatica, slipped disc, sacro iliac joint pain, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease as well as all round back rehabilitation.

If you are looking for a product that can effectively both support and improve your back posture and subsequently manage lower back pain, then you need to check out our wide range of Back Support Belts now!

Or if you need a support to help relieve back pain whilst taking part in sporting activity, then you need one of our Sports Support Belts!

Our range of Office Seat Cushions are designed to relieve back pain while supporting and improving back posture when sitting in chairs. Whether it’s sitting in the car, at home or at the office, our seat cushions provide a physical reminder to maintain the natural curve of the spine, preventing slouching and bad posture.

If you are struggling to find the support or brace that you need to help you with your injury, then take a look at our full range of Supports & Braces instead.


What is the best back brace for lower back pain?

The best support depends on your individual needs, size and level of activity, however, some great designs available at Physio Products Kenya include; the Elite Back brace and Elite Sports Back brace which provide optimum support, compression and comfort. Twin pulls on either side allow a fit that suits you and allow adjustment to provide the exact support you need. The Neoprene back-support helps provide support and comfort to alleviate lower back, sacro-iliac or pelvic pain.

Supports like the Sacroloc support belt are specifically designed for pain caused by the sacro-iliac joint, which can often be injured and lack stability causing far-reaching effects. The sacro-iliac joint may also be injured during pregnancy, as can the muscles and joints around the lower back due to excessive strain and changes in posture. Therefore, specific maternity braces are also available to provide comfort and help reduce the risk of injury.

What is a back-support belt?

A back-support belt is usually a minimalist brace that can be easily worn underneath clothing to provide additional support for the lower back. Conditions such as Sciatica, Disc injuries, Facet joint degeneration or Spondylolysis may all benefit from additional support around the spine.

Back braces are designed to be lightweight but offer comfortable protection to be worn throughout the day and allow activities such as lifting, walking and sitting to be carried out with less strain and to help guard against further injury. Back braces will help support muscles around the lower back and maintain a better posture during activities so injuries to the back can heal.

Should I sleep with a back-support belt on?

No. There is usually no need to sleep with a back-support on. If you were in terrible pain and found relief this way then it could be used whilst lying down, however, there is no great advantage of wearing a back-support to sleep. Instead, a pillow may be positioned under the spine, pelvis or hips to help support the spine in a better posture.

Is a back-support good for back pain?

Yes, a back-support can help take strain away from the lower back if it is painful and affecting walking, work or day to day life. Back-supports are not designed to be a permanent cure but whilst the cause of the pain is addressed through strengthening or stretching, a back-support can help reduce symptoms and protect the injury so healing can begin.

Do back braces work for lifting?

Yes, back braces can help reduce the load on the spine when lifting heavy items. Often muscles, ligaments, individual vertebrae or vertebral discs can be injured with lifting, so a back brace can help disperse the load and reduce the chance of injuries or strains so that healing can begin.

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