Bone Remodelling Stage

Bone Remodelling can Continue for Several Years

During normal bone healing the body will lay down more Hard Callus than is needed to unite the fracture fragments. As a result the fracture, site looks enlarged when viewed on x-ray. Bone Remodelling begins once the fracture has united and may continue for several years, as a continuum of normal bone function.

Enlarged Healing Bone


Over time, the normal shape of the bone is restored. Bone is laid down where it is needed by Osteoblasts and removed by Osteoclasts, depending on the stresses that are placed on the bone during every day and sports activities. At the Bone Remodelling stage of fracture healing a progression of weight bearing exercise is encouraged because it leads to an increase in bone strength. Your Orthopaedic Consultant will give permission to progress to full weight bearing activities.

The loosely organised Woven bone is gradually replaced by Lamellar bone, which is highly organised along lines of stress and therefore much stronger than Woven bone. Ultimately, once the fracture healing process is complete, the bone should be at least as strong as it was originally.

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