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Calf & Shin Injuries Table

This table shows some of the key symptoms of the most common calf and shin injuries. We strongly advise that you see a healthcare professional rather than attempt to self-diagnose.

The information pages about each condition should help to explain the injury you have and signpost how it can be appropriately managed. Remember that wear and tear (degeneration) in your calf and shin is a normal part of ageing. Avoiding moving your calf and shin and avoiding general physical activity will not help, but the principles of POLICE may need to be adopted. Pain-free clicking is nothing to worry about as it is either tight tendons and ligaments flicking over the joints, or the release of nitrogen gas bubbles from your joints (cavitation). Clicking / cracking with a high level of pain may be a sign of a fracture and needs urgent medical assessment.

Condition Common Signs & Symptoms
Pain Swelling Stiffness Weakness Instability Locking
Achilles Paratendinopathy
Achilles Tendinopathy
Broken Leg
Calf Muscle Strain
Compartment Syndrome
Osgood Schlatters Note: This is classed as a Knee Injury
Shin Splints
Tibialis Posterior Pain Note: This is classed as a Foot Injury
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