First Aid & Sports Medicine

The first aid kits and sports first aid equipment by PhysioProducts are designed for a variety of uses, be it emergency aids during travel, at school, in the workplace, at leisure centres or at sports clubs.

Essential first aid items for team sports such as football, rugby, hockey, basketball, Gaelic football, cricket and lacrosse can all be found in this range which provides everything needed for your physio bag. Physio bags may also be known as pitch side bag, run on bag or touchline bag depending on the sport.
PhysioProducts Kenyas best-selling first aid products

For all the essential first aid equipment a sports physiotherapist could ever need, look no further than PhysioProducts Kenyas sports first aid kits range. This range includes products equipped with crepe bandages, fabric dressings, sports tape, triangular bandages, vinyl gloves, safety pins, wound wash, instant ice packs, sterile dressings, Vaseline and freeze spray. So make sure you are prepared for all sport related injuries by checking out our sports first aid kits!

Or if you would like to take a closer look at the wide range of first aid items that we have at PhysioProducts Kenya, take a look at all of our First Aid Kits today.

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