Calf Supports
Our range of Calf Supports are a great way to both prevent future injuries and to aid the recovery of those already suffered.

In our range you’ll find calf supports that can help with conditions such as:
• Calf Strains
• Shin Splints
• Minor Achilles Strains
• Compartment syndrome

Best Calf Support for Calf Strain

One of our most popular supports features three adjustable straps to allow for an individual fit and comfort. It provides dynamic compression and support to the entire calf. Made from durable, flexible heat therapeutic neoprene, this calf/shin support cushions and protects the anterior and posterior muscles of the calf to help with pain caused by strains, sprains and shin splints. Check out the Neo G Calf/Shin Splint Support here.

Or you could try the fully adjustable wrap style support that helps provide firm, even support whilst also promoting healing. The compressive element of the material also stimulates blood flow, which can help prevent the build-up of lactic acid both during and following activity. This assists in reducing the prospect of cramp and stiffness, whilst also being a valuable recovery and rehabilitation tool to injury. Try out the Ultimate Performance Advanced Shin/Calf Support now!

Or finally you could try a support made from neoprene fabric with Velcro fastening that provides a custom fitting compression to the calf and shin region, giving the user re-assurance during activity. The warmth provided by the neoprene support provides therapeutic heating within the tissues by promoting increased local blood flow. This helps to prevent Calf muscle injuries and promote healing where damage has occurred. Get your Mueller Adjustable Neoprene Calf and Shin Support today.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, head on back up to our main Calf and Shin Supports section.

Calf Supports

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Flam Calf Support (2039)

  • Type: Mild Support
  • Indication: Calf muscle injury, Calf muscle strain
  • Product Description: Used for aching calf muscles or pain in shin. Easy pull on application. Provides comfort, support and controlled compression.
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Plantar Fasciitis Sock


Plantar Fasciitis Sock – Heel Pain Support & Relief – Injury Recovery, Rehab

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