Hamstring Support

Hamstring Supports

Our Hamstring Supports category features a range of leg supports that are suitable for relieving pain and giving you the support and comfort you need when recovering from an injury.

In our range you’ll find hamstring supports that can help with conditions such as:
• Hamstring Muscle Injuries
• Quad Muscle Injuries
• Poor Blood Circulation
• Injury Prevention for Weak and Injury-Prone Thigh/Hamstring Muscles

Best Hamstring Supports for Hamstring Strains

Our first hamstring support is made from neoprene, meaning it can wick away moisture leaving the wearer more comfortable during exercise. A soothing heat is retained which helps to ease pain and tightness. Meanwhile, compression supplied to the thigh and hamstring by this support helps to reduce any swelling to the area. The combination of these benefits means a faster healing time, and protection against the common injuries suffered by runners and active sports players. Check out the PhysioRoom Neoprene Thigh Support today!

Our next support is contoured to fit high on the thigh for maximum coverage and is ideal for hamstring and thigh protection. The compression and warmth provided by its neoprene material is perfect for the treatment and prevention of thigh and hamstring muscle strains. Compression helps to provide physical support and reassurance, while the therapeutic heat helps to increase and retain muscle temperature. This helps to make soft tissues more ‘stretchy’ and less prone to strain injury. Purchase the Mueller Neoprene Thigh Sleeve now.

Our final thigh sleeve mimics the support and action planes of key ligaments and tendons to reinforce them, targeting the area’s most in need of this support. The compressive element of the material also stimulates blood flow, which can help prevent the build-up of lactic acid both during and following activity. This helps in reducing the prospect of cramp and stiffness whilst also being a valuable recovery and rehabilitation tool to injury. Included in this advanced model is the six-way front adjustable strap system which overlays the base support and is fully adaptable, allowing for additional targeted support and compression to be applied to target or trigger points, whilst also ensuring a personalised fit. Find out more about the Ultimate Performance Advanced Thigh Support today!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, head on back up to our main Hamstring & Thigh Supports section.

Hamstring Support

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Ked hamstring/quadricep thigh support


Thigh and Hamstring Support – Support for Prevention & Treatment of Hamstring & Muscle Injuries

Flam Hamstring/Quadricep Thigh Support

  • Type Mild Support
  • Indication Thigh pain, old age, sports injury, mild to moderate sprains
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