Wrist Straps, Splints & Supports

Wrist Straps, Splints & Supports
Our range of wrist straps, splints and supports provide compression and support to the wrist, easing pain and discomfort and protecting the wrist from further injury which together will quicken the overall healing process.

In our range you’ll find splints and supports that can help with conditions such as:
• Sprained Wrist
• Wrist and Arm Fractures
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Repetitive Strain Injuries
• Broken Thumb
• Thumb Ligament Injuries
• Skier’s Thumb

Best Wrist Straps, Supports & Splints

One of our best-selling wrist supports comes with an aluminium stay and gel pad and is a lightweight support which helps to relieve wrist pain. It ensures total comfort by providing equal compression and features an anatomical design to comfortably fit the contours of your wrist. Suitable for daily use, it can be used following wrist sprains and wrist injuries as well as helping to relieve carpel tunnel syndrome, it can also be used for rehabilitation from wrist fracture and is ideal for those who wish to resume their daily activities. Take a look at the Thumb Stabiliser Support Splint by Physio Room.

One of our other favourites is a neoprene wrist wrap that offers adjustable compression and support. The neoprene provides thermal compression and helps support the wrist during sports activities all whole having a unique, low profile, easy to apply design. Thanks to its reflectivity, used for increased visibility, this wrist support is perfect for getting out on those late-night exercise sessions. View the Compex Anaform Wrist Wrap now!

Next up is a wrist strap that has been designed to manage pain caused by joint or tendon overuse in the wrist or thumb. Providing adjustable compression and support, the wrist strap has been made from heat therapeutic neoprene, which helps to provide warmth and support to muscles and joints. This can help to aid weak, injured or arthritic wrists. It’s perfect to help with strain caused by repetitive wrist movements such as occupational and sporting activities. Learn more about the PhysioProducts Kenya Elite Elastic Wrist Strap!

Finally we have an adjustable, lightweight and removable wrist/thumb splint that can also be used as a protective cast. It protects the wrist and thumb following fractures and sprains while permitting full finger function. It has a strong but lightweight plastic shell and spica that protect and immobilise the wrist and thumb, just as well as an old-fashioned plaster cast – except it’s much easier to wear! Find out more about the PhysioProducts Kenya Wrist Brace With Thumb Splint by clicking here!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, head on back up to our main Thumb and Wrist Supports section.

Wrist Straps, Splints & Supports

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Airprene Wrist Wrap

  • FOR: To manage pain caused by joint or tendon overuse in the wrist or thumb
  • SUPPORTS: Arthritic, wounded or weak wrists
  • ADJUSTABLE: Strap allows for adjustable compression
  • EITHER HAND: Adapts to the left or right wrist
  • Prevent wrist injury during work or sports activity
  • Provide a proper stabilization, and compression
  • Improves blood circulation and keep warmth
  • Easy to wear and adjust the size to fit your wrist snugly
  • Airprene can provide good ventilation
  • Designed for all wrist size

Wrist Support With Splint

  • Power band neoprene provides excellent tension and support
  • Retains heat to encourage recovery and relieve pain
  • Designed to support the wrist and provide relief from carpal tunnel injuries, RSI and strains
  • Rigid metal splint stabilises the wrist
  • Can be worn during the day or night, to provide relief and promote healing
  • Moisture wicking, airflow system
  • Adjustable fit with 3 touch-fastening straps for maxium support
  • Pull-on design with flexible insert panel, easy to fit
  • Universal, one size fits all (up to 26cm wrist circumference)
  • Can be worn on the left or right wrist
  • Colour: Black / Silver Grey

Advanced Wrist Support

  • Universal size
  • Suitable for athritis, wrist pains, gym and sport support
  • Made of breathable material that’s easy on skin
  • Firm support

Wrist Brace with Stabilising Splint


Wrist Brace with Stabilising Splint – Fractures, Sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI

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