Bib Thoracolumbar Spinal Brace


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  • Can be used as a pre or post-operative rehabilitation aid
  • Helps with rounded and/or slumped shoulders and improves posture
  • Includes flexible and firm stays – provide added back support to your desired level
  • Breathable material with adjustable straps and comfort arm pads
  • Slimline design means it can be worn under everyday clothes
  • Correct the posture.
  • 2 Aluminum Stays to immobilize the back
  • High elastic to provide firmly support for lumbar and sacral regions.
  • Breathable materials
  • Two straps cross the shoulder to give extra support.

This product is made of breathable and high elastic straps with 2 bended aluminum stays to support the lumbar and sacral area. It designed to correct the poor posture and relieve the back pain. 2 bended aluminum stays are lightweight and very anatomically fit the back. 2 puller straps cross to the shoulder to the abdomen can position the shoulder and vertebra in correct posture and give more compression for the abdomen and lumbar.

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