Bone Fracture Healing

How Your Broken Bones Heal



There are over one million fractures (broken bones) each year in the UK alone. Fractures can occur in people of any age, but two groups of people tend to sustain most fractures – the elderly and the childhood age groups. In children a broken forearm is the most common fracture, with boys sustaining fractures more than girls. Teenagers tend to be the most active age group, which increases their risk of injury, and their bones are more prone to breaking following the period of rapid growth during adolescence.

In the elderly age group a combination of Osteoporosis (decreased bone density) and increased incidence of falls means that the number of broken bones increases with age. In the older age group women suffer more fractures than men – this is because hormonal changes during the menopause increase the incidence of Osteoporosis. The most common fractures are the hip and wrist.

This guide explains exactly what bone is and the four main stages of bone healing. By understanding bone healing better you can feel more in control of the rehabilitation process and help your fracture to heal.

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