Ankle Supports

Ankle Supports
Our ankle braces and supports are the perfect product for you if you are recently recovering or looking to prevent ankle injuries when taking part in sporting activities. We have a wide selection of specially designed ankle braces and supports that provide a high level of support, that can substantially reduce the chances of you sustaining an injury to your ankle.

In our range you’ll find ankle supports that can help with conditions such as:
• Sprained Ankle
• Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
• Swollen Ankle
• Broken Ankle Rehab
• Chronic Ankle Instabilities
• Arthritic Ankles
• Ankle Tendonitis

Ankle Supports Used by Professionals in the UK

Our first support, as worn by tennis star Andrew Murray, is one of our most lightweight, minimal bulk sports ankle braces. It provides a winning combination of effective ankle support and protection while also being ideal to wear as a preventative ankle injury brace during all sporting activity.Find out more about the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace now!

Our next support specialises in the protection and rollover prevention for weak, unstable or recovering ankles after injury or surgery during sporting activities. It provides stability without restricting motion, while the 60 angled stabilizers help reduce the risk of ankle rollover. A single strap closure system and anatomical design ensure a proper fit with optimal comfort, that can be worn comfortably in athletic footwear or normal shoes. Check out the Compex Bionic Ankle Support Brace now!

Next up is an ankle support that features a four-way stretch, breathable material to ensure of total comfort and a perfect fit. It uses an advanced German knitting technique which forms a three-dimensional shape that provides equal compression to your ankle, while the contoured gel pads provide extra protection that creates a massage effect to promote blood circulation. This all assists in relieving pain and speeding up the recovery process. Take a closer look at the Physio Products Kenya Elite Knitted Snug Series Ankle Support now.

Finally, this next ankle support is perfect for football amongst many other sports and features lightweight flexible strips on each side to stabilise and support the ankle. The design gives the wearer freedom to move with ease while greatly reducing the possibility of the ankle rolling over. Wearing this ankle brace after injury helps the ankle’s healing process by providing enough restraint to prevent further damage. And, because it’s adjustable, this ankle support provides extra levels of comfort. Purchase your Physio Products Kenya Adjustable Soccer Ankle Support now.

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Are ankle supports good for sprained ankle?

Ankle supports and braces are a useful tool to use when recovering from a sprained ankle. When resting your ankle following a sprain, an ankle brace will assist in controlling the amount of swelling, along with adding stability whilst the affected ligaments begin to recover. Once your ankle has recovered to a point where you can begin partaking in physical activity again, wearing an ankle support can help you in feeling more confident when completing such tasks, by adding the additional support that is needed. In severe ankle injuries, this process of optimal loading should be under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Will an ankle brace help arthritis?

If you suffer from the swelling, stiffness or pain that arthritis in the ankle can cause, elasticated ankle braces and supports may help to combat these issues. Elasticated braces help to support the joint, which may reduce your pain and swelling. Reducing swelling should improve the range of motion in your ankle and your balance. The most conclusive evidence for the management of ankle arthritis is exercise and advice from a healthcare professional.

Can you sleep with an ankle brace on?

It is recommended that an ankle brace is not worn whilst sleeping, as you will be at rest and the laws of gravity will naturally reduce the amount of swelling around the joint. However, depending on the severity of your ankle injury, in some instances your doctor may advise you to wear your ankle support or brace whilst you sleep.

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