Med Stirrup Ankle Brace Universal


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Ankle Brace – Foot Drop Orthosis,Brace Support Protection Tool With Adjustable Stabilizer,Protection Ankle Support Brace Hospital For Ankle Braces And Arthritis Recovery

  • The soft inner fabric does not hurt the legs, is comfortable to wear, and the bottom is wearable, which can be used for a long time. Exquisite seaming and strong adhesion, durable.
  • The sole support supports your ankle throughout the day without causing discomfort. Wear or not wear socks and shoes. It is especially suitable for wearing at night, which is convenient and comfortable.
  • This ankle support is a lightweight protective ankle orthosis for patients who often have an ankle injury, ankle ligament injury, and ankle instability.
  • Provides impact protection during exercise. In addition to the effects of the ankles on activities involving jumping and running, they also twist, turn and withstand stress, strain and sprains. The sole support helps your ankles and helps prevent injuries.
  • The universal semi-rigid housing prevents further injury while allowing normal walking. It can limit the movement of the ankle joint, prevent ankle joint damage caused by varus sprains and valgus sprains, soft tissue damage, relieve stress and promote ankle joint recovery.
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