Bib Abdominal Binder Universal


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  • Maintains good posture.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • As a result of the sauna action, fat loss is accelerated.
  • Breathable and Elastic
  • Skin friendly material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ideal for weight loss and postpartum recovery.
  • Designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Peritoneal injury
  • Abdominal sagging
  • Post umbilical and ventral hernia surgery

Breathable Elastic Abdominal Support Binder decreases pressure and provide excellent support to the abdomen, waist and jumbo-sacral areas. Speed up recovery after abdominal hernia or any other surgery in the abdominal area. It gives excellent abdominal/back support and true slimming effect. Evenly distributed pressure to the abdomen, waist and lower back. Speed up recovery after a C-section. Improve balance and redistribute weight so you return to your prepregnancy shape sooner. Accelerating the healing of affected areas after hernia surgery. The postoperative period is an important stage in the restoration of health. Removal of a hernia involves the exclusion of stress in order to prevent injury. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid them. Ortho-Aid Abdominal binder competently distributes pressure, allowing you to undergo the correct rehabilitation after surgery. Reduces pain, correctly fixes problem areas. Postpartum Abdominal Recovery. After childbirth, the body needs proper care. One of these is reliable fixation in the abdomen. Abdominal Binder takes into account the structure of the body, levels the load, creates an optimal environment for complete recovery. Recovery after cesarean section. It is great for women after childbirth. Optimal compression reliably and correctly fixes the abdomen, accelerates healing, reduces the tumor. It provides protection for the incision site, increases the flow of blood and oxygen, which improves healing. Removing pain during menstruation. Correct fixation and load balancing minimize discomfort. Just put on your belt and after a short period of time you will feel relief. Abdominal Binder is designed to accelerate the recovery process after operations, childbirth, trauma. It takes into account the anatomical features, therefore it copes with the tasks as much as possible. It distributes weight correctly, leveling the load. It makes possible to make healing faster, prevent the formation of complications, minimize pain It is made of soft high-tech fabric that provides optimal air circulation, prevents the greenhouse effect. The plush interior allows you to put the product on a naked body. The seamless design prevents irritation, makes use convenient and enjoyable. The thin material makes the Abdominal Binder invisible under clothes. It has tremendous elasticity, adapts to the individual options of the owner. There are several sizes, so everyone will choose the best option. Compatible with other our products to speed up the recovery process.

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