Hernia Supports

Hernia Supports

Our Hernia Supports category features a range of products that are suitable for relieving pain of a hernia and giving you the support and comfort you need during your rehabilitation and return to sport.

In our range you’ll find supports that can help with conditions such as:
• Adductor Tendinopathy
• Sports Hernia
• Gilmore’s Groin
• Groin Strain

Hernia Supports Designed by Professionals

Our first hernia support solution is a pair of shorts that feature a skin hugging compression fit, with specialised targeting to vulnerable areas. Additionally, these shorts have a four way stretch design for complete impact resistance and manoeuvrability. The fully patented shorts offer complete anatomical and aerodynamic efficiency during use, with supportive adductor lines and a higher, thicker waistband which provides focused support to the groin and helps to prevent the shorts from slipping during use. Wicking fabrics also allow these shorts to breathe, which aids in removing moisture away from the skin to keep the user warm and dry during physical activity. Get your Harley Street Elite Impact Compression Shorts now!

Or you could try a lower hernia support that provides gentle and gradual pressure to reduce right or left sided inguinal hernias. The support reduces symptoms of recurrent bulge on exertion and strain involved in lifting and forward bending for example. It is fitted with adjustable and removable pads to ensure total comfort and effectiveness. It also features reduced stitching to minimise friction and irritation against the skin. Try out the Neo G Lower Hernia Support now!

Our final featured support is a fully adjustable neoprene wrap that goes around the thigh and fastens with Velcro. It can be positioned and adjusted to apply pressure to the groin region. This pressure reduces the amount of muscle force that can be generated from the groin muscles, which relieves the groin pain and groin stiffness symptoms of groin muscle and tendon problems. Get your McDavid Groin and Upper Thigh Strap today.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, head on back up to our main Hernia and Groin Supports section.

Hernia Supports

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Lower Hernia Support


Hernia Belt offers a gentle and constant relief from reducible inguinal hernia by providing adjustable and comfortable pressure to the hernia. On wearing the belt the occurrence of herniation gets eliminated. The belt is available in skin color, can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.

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