Bib Toilet Raise With Detachable Armrests


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This toilet raiser increases the height of a toilet seat by 85 mm, 125 mm or 165 mm. The removable, independent armrests provide comfortable support both during the transfer from stand to sit and vice versa and while sitting down. The toilet raiser also offers openings in the front and in the back to make it easier for the user to reach intimate body parts without standing up.

Going to the toilet is a very private matter and something people wish to do independently for as long as possible. But, for people with reduced strength and balance, sitting down on and getting up from the toilet is a common problem causing unsafe situations on a daily basis.

By increasing the height of the toilet, and by providing extra support, sitting down and getting up becomes easier and safer for the user. If desired, it is possible to sit on a standard toilet seat. It can also be used without the toilet seat providing a seat height increased by 60 mm, 100 mm or 140 mm. Toilet raiser with armrests is an easy and convenient means of making the existing toilet suitable for a safe situation again.

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