Flam Gel Bi Axle Hinged Knee Brace


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Gel Bi-Axle Hinged Knee Brace

  • Type Moderate Support
  • Indication Knee ligament strain, OA patient, post-surgery, post-arthroscopy, instability related to injury, postoperative meniscal injury.

Used with high Abrasion Resistant hence ensure longer durability of the product. Soft elastic ensures controlled compression across brace. Bi-Axle hinges provide superior support alongside with free knee movement. Soft silicone gel around patella ensure extra cushion and maintain patella at right position. Back padding around gel provide extended comfort to knee. Powered grip Velcro on elastic ensure adjustable compression. Two Straps on front and two Straps on back side engineered to assure personalized fit and adequate compression with Anti – tourniquet effect. Bound edges prevent irritation. Common for left or right.

Made up of 2-way stretch knit fabric. Collateral side Bi-axle hinges, Gel ring at patella, Velcro hook and loop strap at top and bottom 2 each side.

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