Flam ROM Knee Brace Universal


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R.O.M. Knee Brace

  • Type Firm Support
  • Indication Patella and joint dislocation, post-surgery, rehabilitation, ligament injury, sports injury

Vertical sturdy and durable metal strips ensure proper alignment of leg with buckle and padding around the leg muscle. Range of motion controller dial can be set on 0* to 120* flexion or 0* to 90* extension to ensure proper range of motion during rehabilitation. Velcro receptive fabric attached to every buckle with crocodile hook for desire fitment and compression. Plastic divider tabs at each buckle to ensure smooth adjustment of Velcro receptive fabric as per desire, which can be removed once adjusted the desire fitment for additional gripping. Common for left or right.

Vertical sturdy and durable metal strip along side with range of motion controller dial. Metal strips with provision to adjust height. Hard polyurethane height adjustable buckle with button to ensure desire height. Removable side clips at the buckle with Velcro receptive fabric. Foam padding at inner side of each buckle. Silicone gel gripping at below knee foam padding.

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