Macure Rigid Sports Tape


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It is a product generally used to prevent sports injuries, protect wounds, and help cuts heal faster. It is often applied by athletes to protect the knee, wrist, ankle, or other joints of the body, and can support muscle to stabilize injured ligaments. The tape usually remains intact when worn for a long time and can also tolerate moisture base on the special micro porous coat design. Typically conforming to the area where it is applied, zinc oxide tape is normally sticky and does not stretch.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft, comfortable, latex-free and hypoallergenic cotton material so there is no skin irritation for sensitive skin
  • Special micro porous coat design, let skin breath and sweat out easily.
  • High tensile strength and reliability to fully protect you at all times
  • Perfectly conforms to your body and provides maximum compression
  • Unwinds with ease all the way down to the core
  • Tears effortlessly by hand along the length or width of the athletic tape
  • Extra stickiness to ensure the cloth fabric bandage tape will never come loose when you need it most
  • Hold safety equipment in place such as knee pads, elbow pads, and more
  • Support and stabilize joints, ankles, wrists, hands, thumb, knees, elbows, toes, feet, shoulders, heels) taping and providing rigid joint immobilization/limitation of movement when needed
  • Use the athletic tape to wrap up for sports like gymnastics, climbing, boxing, football, weightlifting, running, volleyball, wrestling, yoga, self workout gloves 
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