What is the Elite Resistance Pilates Ring Double Handle?

The Elite Resistance Pilates Ring is a doubled handled ring for use during pilates and flexibility training. Featuring an inner and outer gripping section, the elite resistance is perfect for strengthening, flexibility and toning exercises. Equally useful during yoga, pilates and even standard strength or core training exercises, the Pilates Double Handle is suitable for all shapes and sizes.

How does it work?

The Resistance Pilates Ring is ideal for floor based and standing exercises which engage the core and supporting muscles of the spine. Utilising the body’s own weight and capable of usage by just about anyone, the lightweight ring features inner and outer grips for total comfort. Perfectly suited to leg exercises, pelvic floor routines and upper body work, the Resistance Pilates Ring by will transform your flexibility training and strengthen the core. The diameter of the ring is 38cm.

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