Tens adhesive pads


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Electrode Snap, 5 cm x 10 cm, 2 Pin Connection, 2 Pads


What are Tens adhesive pads?

1 pack of two self adhesive 5cm x 10cm (2″ x 4″) electrode pads and two connectors. Compatible for use with Compex Muscle Stimulation machines.

  • Easy Snap connection between cable and electrode
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Optimum restitution of the electric power, perfect for high intensity stimulation
  • Adaptable – can be used with other muscle stimulation brands

When can I use it?

For muscle building and the relief of pain

  • Toning, firming and shaping
  • Massage and oxygenation
  • Targeted muscle stimulation
  • Warm-up and cool-down before and after exercise
  • Resistance
  • Treat muscle strain and provide pain relief

How does it work?

By placing the electrodes on to your skin and using in conjunction with a Compex Muscle Stimulator, your muscles are stimulated by mimicking the signal sent by your brain to your muscle, helping to build strength, tone individual muscle groups and relieve pain following injury.

Please Note: Always follow manufacturers instructions.

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