Tynor Knee Immobilizer 19″ Large D-11

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  • Anatomically shaped for perfect fitting
  • Made of soft and comfortable material
  • Provides perfect immobilization.
  • Immobilization at slight flexion
  • Sizes available are S, M, L, XL, XXL

• Useful aid in Tibial Plateau fractures, Knee fractures and ligament injuries that require immobilization while awaiting nonemergent operative repair or casting.
• Controls patellar movement and stabilizes weak/ injured knee
• Early cast removal of the knee
• Used for motion control problems of the knee

Directions for Use
Prepare the knee immobilizer and straps.
• Place the immobilizer behind the leg and centered behind the knee vertically and laterally.
• If the immobilizer has a patellar cutout, align the cutout over the patella.
If the immobilizer has removable or adjustable stabilizer bars, place the bars medially and laterally along the long axis of the leg.
• Secure the stabilizer bars and the immobilizer with the fastener straps (eg, hook and loop) above and below the knee (typically 2 above and 2 below the knee).
Check distal sensation and capillary refill.

Safety Information

Any open wounds must be covered properly prior to the application of knee immobilizer.

Do not apply the immobilizer too low on the leg because that does not effectively immobilize the knee.

Hand wash with a mild, soapy water, rinse thoroughly and air-dry.

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