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Carry it in office,home,plane,car,train,yoga room or wheelchair.Sitting on hard surfaces or for prolonged periods of time is enough to make anyone’s back and bottom ache .We sit for hours on end for work and travel. Make sure those hours are spent comfortably with a tailbone pain relief cushion that offers proper chair back support.This cushion converts your chair to be an ergonomic seat.Makes any chair comfortable.Do you suffer from sciatica,back pain,hemorrhoids,anal fissures,bed sores or tailbone pain? Perhaps you are recovering after surgery or find it difficult to sit comfortably after the birth?

Whatever the reason you find it difficult to sit, our Donut Pillow was specifically designed to relieve the pressure you feel takes the pressure off your tailbone and distributes your weight evenly avoiding compression so you can sit in any chair pain-free.

Doctor and Physical Therapists Recommended -Take the pressure off delicate and sensitive areas to make sitting more comfortable.Choose the tried and trusted brand that puts quality and comfort first.Ergonomic contours

Designed to gently lift you out of your seat, the firm, supportive cushion relieves pressure from your core.

U-shaped cutouts go to the front and back of your seat. The front cut avoids unnecessary friction that could prevent proper blood flow to the legs, while the rear cut gently suspends the tailbone and improves posture.


What is a donut cushion?

 A donut cushion (also known as a donut pillow, a ring pillow, a hemorrhoid pillow, hemorrhoid cushion or sometimes grouped as a subcategory of coccyx cushions) is exactly what it sounds like: a round, tubular cushion with a hole in the center of it, making it resemble the shape of a donut.Donut cushions are usually made of memory foam or similar material, enabling the pillow to mold to the user’s unique body shape, but they can also be made from other materials, such as “egg crate” foam. Some donut cushions are even made from inflatable rubber, allowing for easier transportation of the pillow whenever it is in a deflated state

Where can I use a donut cushion?

You can use this in the office, as a car seat cushion,wheelchair or at home. It can also be used on also be used on aeroplanes, at sporting events, in theatres and more.

What are donut pillows used for? 

Donut pillows can provide much-needed pressure relief from the tailbone.They can also prevent pressure sores, improve blood flow and allow sitting for long periods of time pain-free.Can be used for post-surgical procedures, as well as conditions like sciatica, spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis.”

What conditions will this help me with?

it helps with conditions such as haemorrhoids, piles,sciatica,back pain spinal stenosis, pressure sores, tailbone injury,hip pain, postsurgery prostate,coccyx pain,hernia ,pregnancy and postpartum pain

Who should use a donut cushion?

Anyone experiencing tailbone pain or pain while sitting can try using a donut pillow, which doesn’t require a prescription and can be ordered easily from many online retailers. However, some people do need them more than others.Seniors who are immobile without ambulating for long periods of time, as well as those who have significant pressure sores.”

Anyone who has sustained a fall or injury to the tailbone or coccyx should try using a donut pillow to relieve pressure while the area is healing.

How to use donut cushion?

 Donut cushions are fairly simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Place the cushion on the chair so that it is pushed up against the back of the chair and positioned in the middle of the seat.

When you sit on the cushion, your tailbone should be centered directly over the hole in the middle of the cushion, with your buttocks comfortably seated on the cushion itself

What type of donut cushion is right for me?

 Donut pillows can come in a variety of styles; the most three common materials that donut pillows are usually made of are memory foam, “egg crate” foam, or inflatable rubber/plastic.

Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can also find more complex cushions — such as combinations of donut cushions with other coccyx cushions or with extra raised lumbar support beneath the donut part of the pillow.

The comfort foam cushions are often highly desired, as they can provide good back support as well as the necessary relief to your bottom.Memory foam consists of multiple minute foam cells or bubbles, which create a less dense and breathy material through which air can pass easily.Hence, they are easy to carry around as they are lightweight.

The elastic nature and comfortable foaming of the cushion provide maximum support to the tailbone area and helps in effectively managing postural problems

What to consider when buying a donut cushion?

1. Purpose or injury(injury pain relief,hemorrhoids,improve posture or extra comfort?)

2. Material

Pay attention to what your donut pillow is made of, as the material can affect the comfort level and durability of the pillow.you still want to pick one that lasts and doesn’t lose its shape over time or tear easily.Just be sure to opt for a high-quality pillow that won’t flatten easily.

(gel,memory foam or inflatable)

The comfort foam cushions are often highly desired, as they can provide good back support as well as the necessary relief to your bottom.Memory foam consists of multiple minute foam cells or bubbles, which create a less dense and breathy material through which air can pass easily.Hence, they are easy to carry around as they are lightweight.

The elastic nature and comfortable foaming of the cushion provide maximum support to the tailbone area and helps in effectively managing postural problems

3. Size

The size of the pillow is important when it comes to comfort.Many cushions are universal size.

4. Density

You want your pillow to be soft, but you also want it to be firm enough to offer the proper amount of support—basically, the perfect middle ground.

5. Portability

Ideally, you want a donut pillow that’s easy to take anywhere

6. Cost

Prices vary, depending on the quality of the materials used, special features and size. Affordable options will work, but they may not last as long as a more expensive pillow made with high-quality materials.

7. Special features

They might seem simple,such as :washable cover,breathable,non slip bottom,gel layer keeping pillow cool to the touch.

Can donut cushion help in hemorrhoid pain?

This is certainly the most common use for donut cushions. Because hemorrhoids usually cause the veins and skin around the anus and rectal area to become inflamed and irritated, the pressure that’s placed on the tailbone just from a normal sitting position can cause severe pain to the hemorrhoid sufferer.

That’s where a donut cushion helps out; its unique ergonomic shape can help to relieve the pressure around the affected area (distributing the weight more evenly across the buttocks instead of directly on the tailbone), and thus has the potential to lessen some of the pain associated with hemorrhoids.

Can donut cushion help women who have recently given birth?

 If you’ve ever given birth, then you know what a physically traumatic process it can be. Those days and weeks after childbirth, when your body is recovering from the huge task of having physically pushed out a child from your own body, can be painful and uncomfortable.

Perineal tearing is a real issue that many women have to deal with, and depending on the size and severity of the tears, it may cause an excessive amount of pain that is further exacerbated when sitting in a normal position.

Often, the pain from this perineal tearing comes in addition to hemorrhoid pain, as it is very common for mothers to develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after giving birth, making for a double whammy of discomfort and pain in the vulvar/anal area.

Many women are able to find significant relief from their pain after childbirth by using a donut cushion to help relieve pressure around the painful areas. Though not all women will need or desire a donut cushion after childbirth, many women say that it is one of the easiest and best investments they made for their own comfort after delivering a child.

Can donut cushions help in sciatica pain?

Sciatica is a type of pain that is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve; the pain can be felt anywhere from the lower back down to the thigh or knee.

Sciatica is a complex condition that can be very difficult to treat effectively; doctors have not agreed on any one cure that will definitively work for everyone who suffers from sciatica, and generally most patients will need to experiment to find an appropriate combination of treatments that will work for them.

A donut pillow can help to relieve some of the pain caused by sciatica, but they should not be treated as a magical cure.

Donut cushions have been shown to bring greater seating comfort to users in general, there is certainly the possibility that someone who suffers from sciatica may be able to find some relief through the use of a donut cushion.

Paired with other treatments, a donut cushion is certainly worth a try when looking for relief from sciatica. Of course, there is no easy solution for the pain caused by sciatica, but a donut cushion may be beneficial in helping to alleviate some of the pain.

Can donut cushion help in coccyx and tailbone injuries?

If you have a broken or injured tailbone, a donut cushion can help relieve your pain just as it helps with relief in the other conditions we’ve discussed: by removing the direct pressure from your tailbone and more evenly distributing your weight across your bottom.

No matter what the cause of your tailbone pain or injury, the direct pressure that a normal sitting position puts on your coccyx (tailbone) can further intensify the pain you’re already feeling, and a donut cushion can help provide relief.

Even if you have not had any sort of specific serious tailbone injury, but you are experiencing general discomfort and pain in your tailbone area from prolonged sitting, you may find that a donut cushion can be a great way to lessen that tailbone pain and give you more comfort.

Does it come in different sizes?

No, this is just one size.

Does it have a removable/washable cover?

Yes,the cover can be easily removed to machine wash, to get it looking fresh and clean.



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