Flam Orthopedic Contoured LS Support Black For Back Pain, Sciatica,Disc Bulge,Herniated Disc


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  • Type: Firm Support
  • Indication: Degenerative disc disease, lumbar spondylolysis, low back pain, poor posture, osteoporosis in lumbar region, Post-operative conditions
  • Product Description: 4 Contoured rigid metal splints provide firm stabilization to Lumbar and Sacral region. 2 Wide elastic strap on each side to hold belt snugly & additional Narrow Elastic straps to achieve higher desire compression. EVA foam on back exert additional cushioning to the Lumbar and Sacral region.

Made of soft elastic with double strap for better compression and proper fitment. EVA pad at the back to support lumbar region. 4 Contoured removable metal splints at the back gives perfect spine support. Flapper attached to Velcro hook for ease in usage.

Size:  S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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