Flam Pediatric Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace


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Type: Firm Support

Indication: Thoracic/lumbar spondylosis, Post-operative condition, weak. Dorsolumbar region

Product Description: 4 Metal splints immobilise Thoracic and lumbar region, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal splints form frame structure to ensure firm support to Thoracic and lumbar region, 3 straps on front side for holding brace snugly, Shoulder straps to correct posture and ensure Thoracic region in neutral position.


Made of laminated EVA base, Adjustable shoulder pad with soft foam for comfort. 4 malleable splint, 2 vertical and 2 horizontals. Comes with abdominal attachment and shoulder straps to hold brace snugly

Size: S, M, L

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