Leukotape K 5cm


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  • Taping with Leukotape K can achieve pain reduction, improved lymph drainage, improved blood circulation and mechanical correction
  • The latex-free and skin-friendly tape promotes the body’s own healing process while allowing complete freedom of movement
  • Each application can last up to one week, easy to remove and can be worn while showering or doing any kind of physical activity
  • Constructed from a polyacrylate adhesive wavelike pattern which works with the skin’s natural elasticity
    In a box of 5, the tan colored tape offers three different widths: 1” x 5.4 yd, 2” x 5.4 yd and 3” x 5.4 yd

Promotes Body’s Own Healing Process
Leukotape K features a wave pattern adhesive to allow air to circulate and preserve full mobility. The adhesive kinesiology tape is indicated for use with headaches, back pain, lymphedema, and muscular pain. Designed to be used for personal and professional use, the protective liner on the adhesive side offers extended durability for long-term wear.

Prevents Muscle Tightness and Cramps
Originally designed to treat pain and discomfort, the thin elastic tape helps improve strength, coordination and proprioception. The air circulation keeps the muscles from being over-stimulated, preventing tightness and muscle cramps. Easy to stretch, the tape works ideally with the skin‘s natural elasticity.

Extended Durability for Long-Term Wear
The tape is applied using specific techniques, over and around muscles to give support, without affecting range of motion. The backing material is made of hard-wearing yet skin-friendly cotton to promote high user comfort. Easy to apply and remove, the tape is durable for up to one week‘s use, even while participating in sports and showering.

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